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Currently servicing Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Austin, Miami, Portland

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About Snap Reels

Actor Shane Hartline, seen in such projects such as "Rock of Ages", Disney Channel's "Stuck in the Middle" and more, started Snap Reels in 2015.  Shane knew the importance of getting footage from projects for your reel and the frustration that can come when that doesn't happen.  Or that frustration cycle that may occur, the cycle of not getting the auditions because you don't have the footage, but not getting the footage because you don't have the auditions.  That cycle... that insanely frustrating cycle.  


Shane created Snap Reels with one mission, create a service to empower fellow actors to take full control of their careers and deliver them quality footage.  Also, not to make them wait years to get it.  

In a world where films are shot on cell phones, editing can be done in hours, Shane wants Snap Reels to be the industry standard for self produced demo reel scenes.  

In 2018 Shane began expanding Snap Reels nationwide, now servicing Los Angeles, Atlanta and soon many more cities with several talented freelance DP's on call at all times.  

Meet The Team

Shane Hartline

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Gabrielle Ortiz

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