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Wanna work with us?

Want to be a Snap Reel's

freelance DP?


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Currently servicing Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Austin, Miami, Portland

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We truly want to make to make your Snap Reels production process as easy as possible.  We've broken down our process into four easy steps below.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  

To start the process of creating your Snap Reel, fill out the form on our contact page.  Within 24 hours one of our Snap Reels represntatives will reach out to you to discuss our packages and rates starting as low as $250.

Once you've decided on which Snap Reels package best suits your needs and payment is made, we will begin your pre-production process.  This includes finding a date/time that best works for you and discussing location/writing/etc. 

Once all your pre-production is taken care of and you have a date/time confirmed, it's time to shoot!  A Snap Reels DP will come to your locations and capture your awesome work!

After your shoot wraps, your DP will then take your footage and begin cutting your Snap Reels package.  Within 48hrs of the completion of your last scene, your DP will deliver you your first draft of your Snap Reel's package!