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Robert O' Mara, Actor

Snap Reels was fantastic to work with.  They not only filmed scenes for me that I wrote, they were easy to communicate with, got the scenes edited and sent to me in just a few days, and the production value is top notch. If you need help making a Demo Reel, I highly recommend Snap Reels. I would work with them again anytime.

Chris Pudlo, Actor

In my opinion...Snap Reels has become a must for any actor in L.A. It's the answer that we all need when you want some great footage of yourself that you can get quickly. I was so impressed with my footage that I like to pretend it's from Network TV. Try them out!!!!!

Malia Miglino, Actress

Snap Reels saved me when I needed a couple more scenes ASAP to show to a casting director!!! Shane was so incredibly helpful and in 48 hrs I had the beefed up reel I needed to land the gig!!! Honestly, there's a lot of reel companies in this town but I would ALWAYS go to Shane from now on. Plus, I had a blast which is always important! Snap Reels for life!